Modular Construction

Custom Modular Homes


Pittenger Builders has quickly become a leader in modular home building in Monmouth and Ocean County. We have spent our time working with homeowners building their dream homes. Specifically, over the past several years, modular homes have increased in popularity.  Our modular homeowners consist of those building their dream beach house, second or vacation homes, as well as primary residences.

Pittenger Builders extensive 63 years in stick-built homes, allows us to easily customize a modular for you. Our company has a tremendous track record of being a trustworthy partner delivering what is promised and continuously working with clients until the end of the project. Whether it is a complex porch design at your beach home or a sunken living room in your sprawling ranch, Pittenger has the experience to get it done.



           What is a modular home?


Off-site built homes such as Modular homes are often referred to as manufactured homes, pre-fab homes, or factory-built homes. Genuine Modular homes have all the characteristics of stick-built homes and must have the same code requirements as stick-built homes. Genuine Modular homes are stick-built homes constructed in a controlled environment and transported to the job site 90 to 95 percent completed. Engineered with 20 to 30 percent more material, guarantees a safe trip to the site.  

Pittenger Builders currently offers Genuine Modular homes, by Ritz-Craft Modular. We chose Ritz-Craft due to their high quality and standards. Our company and theirs, have a tremendous track record of being trustworthy; delivering what is promised, and continuously working with clients until the end of the project.


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